Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Can't believe that Christmas has come and gone. All the preparation and planning has come to an end and it was superb. We started our day off in church and it ended with family in New Jersey. The smiles on the faces of all of the kiddies made everything worth it. The pile of gifts piled up under the Christmas tree reminded us how blessed we are.

As I watched my daughter see her new kitchen for the first time that morning, I felt so accomplished.

These are the moments we live for. Besides celebrating the birth of the King of kings, bringing joy to others is what this season is all about. 

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

We're back! - Thanksgiving fun begins

It's been one crazy summer and a whirlwind fall. We traveled. Had a first day of school and celebrated a 2nd birthday. However, I really missed you guys. I know I disappeared for a while but hey, a mama got to live and not just  I've decided it was time to get back to the computer and share my kitchen experiments with my readers. Soooo, I decided wouldn't it be great to start on THANKSGIVING WEEK?

Thanksgiving day kicks off one of my favorite holiday seasons. I just love coming together as a family to EAT, share some laughs and just relax. In my family, we get the best of both worlds. We head over to my parents for a HAITIAN Thanksgiving..then off to my in-laws for a caribbean-southern-international feast. Aren't I just lucky?...BLESSED!

Well, as I get ready for thanksgiving fun, enjoy some pics from the past few months. Looking forward to hearing and reading what you guys have been up too.


Hubby and Me Brunch date @ Sweet Chicks

Trip to the Aquarium

ROAD TRIP! - Anniversary Getaway

Church Anniversary Banquet - {Hubby is a MINISTER now ;-)}

First Day of School - Tears!

My baby turns 2!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

wishful wednesdays. Dream Home Must Have - Maytag Double Oven

Hey Foodies and Mommies!

So I woke up this morning thinking I was going to wear my cutesie spring jacket and head out to work. Then, I opened my door and was smacked with frigid weather and SNOW. Yeah you read that right. Snow in spring. I mean really? From 70 degree weather and capris to shaking in my boots in less than a week? Now do you get why I sooo very much want out of New York? I am so happy I didn't pack away all of my winter clothes. If I did, I would be even more annoyed than I am now. Okay, enough ranting - at least about this issue. On to the next item to rant talk about.

It's hump day! Well actually it's Thursday for me since I am off on Friday. Yay! Yes, I'm rubbing it in. I use to work half a day on Good Friday, but when my former supervisor told me that I was no longer allowed to work half a day on Good Friday and that I had to either work full day or take a PTO, I quickly said - I'll take that PTO. I made a decision long ago that nothing would come between me and my faith and I am sticking to it.

Maytag Double Oven Commercial |

Now that I got everything off my chest, have you seen the Maytag commercial for the Double Oven? I am head over heels for this oven and it is an absolutely must-have in my dream home. I already told my husband this and there is no reasoning with me. I will have this if I am going to cook for the rest of my life. Yes, I used that line. Aside from being able to cook multiple items at different temperatures all at once, I chuckle every time I see the commercial. If you haven't yet seen it because somehow you live under a rock somewhere in no man's land , you can click on the picture and it will take you to the commercial on YouTube.

The part that cracks me up is the cupcakes. lol!

Well until I can get my double oven, I'll settle for my simple baby that allows me to cook all of the yummy dishes I feature on this blog.

Okie dokie folks, that's enough wishful thinking.

Till next time...


Monday, April 14, 2014

Oh Mondays - Basmati Rice Take 2 and Dad

Happy Monday Foodies and Mommies!

This weekend was pretty much a very busy but uneventful one. We headed back to IKEA on Saturday to return some broken pieces of our new wardrobe. Then yesterday, I headed to my Father's house to spend the day with him. Though he is feeling a little weaker than usual, he is in good spirits and that makes a world of a difference. He is scheduled to start dialysis at the local Davita center today. This is definitely a new journey for our family, but I am confident that all will go well and he will adjust. 

We shared lunch and spent some time chatting away. Then, the hubster and munchkin came to pick me up. We made a quick stop to the local Key Food for a few quick ingredients and drove home. I decided to make my Aromatic Basmati Rice again. My hubster lovesssssssssss this rice and so I try to bring a smile to his face once in a while. The secret to this rice are the aromatics. From the moment they start to steep in the oil, the entire house instantly begins to smell fabulous.

Bay Leaves, Cinnamon, Fennel Seeds, Rosemary, Basil and Cloves. This combination is a must when cooking Basmati rice in my home. It turns out so light and fluffy. Perfect! 

I highly recommend you try this. You will thank me. I'm serious, you will!

Find the recipe Here.

Today promises to be a beautiful day. Hopefully, I will be able to fit in a photo tour. Maybe I'll even go to DUMBO and work on my sermonette for this week's Good Friday service. I have an idea what I will be speaking on. Now all I need to do is finish putting it together.

By the way, I just love how my Pastor always entraps! I kid. I kid.

Well, I am going to sign off and get ready for my day job. Remember to smile today. You're alive and in your right least I hope you are. That alone is enough to keep you smiling all day long. Kiss the munchkins, love on your loved ones and conquer the day.

Be blessed!